Fellner Israel – 14. April 1916

Fellner Israel – 14. April 1916

Israel Fellner, 11. Nisan 5676 (Freitag, 14. Arpil 1916)

  • Foto: Grabstein von Israel Fellner, 11. Nisan 5676
  • Datenblatt Isidor Öhler: Israel Fellner, 11. Nisan 5676


Laut hebräischer Inschrift (1. Zeile) wurde Israel Fellner am 13. Nisan (Sonntag, 16. April) begraben.

Sein Vorname “Israel” findet sich wieder als erstes Wort der 5. Zeile ישראל, der Nachname “Fellner” als Akrostichon, und zwar die ersten 3 Buchstaben in Zeile 6, der Rest von Zeile 7 – 10 פעללנער.

Biografische Notizen

Sterbematriken: Israel Fellner, Rentner, wohnhaft in Wien II, Negerlegasse 3, verstorben am 14. April 1916, mit 77 Jahren an Altersschwäche

Personenregister jüdischer Friedhof Mattersburg

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    1. naomi atlani

      I don’t think my previous posting went through.
      My gggrandmother, Fani/Johanna FELLNER, daughter of Jakab FELLNER of Deutschkreutz, married Wolf/Zev LOCK in Feb. 1851 in Deutschkreutz.

      Any info about the FELLNER family of Deutschkreutz would be greatly appreciated.

      Naomi Atlani

  1. Chaya-Bathya Markovits

    According to Rabbi Kinstlicher there was a dayyan in Mattersdorf by the name R. Yoel Haevi Fellner. He died in 1846 in the age of 40. His orphan son Shimon Chaim (born in 1837) was raised by Rabbi Shimon Sofer. Later he became dayyan in Deutschkreutz and in 1864 rabbi in Beled (Hungary). Our Israel must be a relative of him, but it is unknown how.

    1. Carole Vogel

      Joel Fellner and his wife Maria Brandweiner had five children who appear in the birth registers:
      1. Joachim, born on 17 Jun 1836, who is likely Shimon Chaim
      2. Esther (Netti), 1838-1839
      3. Regina, born 1840
      4. Moses Josef (1841-1842)

      The year 1845 was missing from the register and it is possible that Isidor Israel Serel ha-Levi Fellner who was born on 3 Dec 1845 in Mattersdorf was a fifth child in this family. His name and birthday come from another Mattersdorf genealogical researcher and she didn’t have documention to back it up.

      Since the gravestone of Israel Fellner is missing the pitcher symbol and the Hebrew symbols for segal, and therefore the Levite designation, I am questioning whether he actually is related to Rabbi Joel Fellner, at least through the paternal line.

            1. Carole Vogel

              It appears that Joel Fellner was born elsewhere. He likely came to Mattersdorf because of its excellent yeshiva, and like many other bright and promising scholars, he married into a prominent Mattersdorf family, in this case the Brandweiners, who had had a presence in Mattersdorf since at least the mid-1700s.

              I forget to list the last child of Rabbi Joel Fellner and Maria Brandweiner – Joel Wolf Fellner, who was born on 15 Jul 1846. Rabbi Fellner had died three months earlier and his father-in-law, Wolf Brandweiner, had died a few weeks before that. So the grieving widow named the child for both her husband and father.

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