Weiß Aaron – 25. Februar 1934

Weiß Aaron – 25. Februar 1934

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  1. Carole Vogel

    This must be Otto Weiss the son of Max (Shalom Meir) Weiss and Nanetha (Ester) Österreicher. Ester (born 1834) was the sister of my great-great-grandmother Regina (Rachel Lea) Löwy of Gloggnitz whose maiden name was Österreicher.

    Otto was born in Sopron on 7 May 1862. He lived in Matttersdorf/Mattersburg and Sauerbrunn. He was the father of six children. I knew Otto had died before October 1935 because a grandchild was named for him then.

    Otto’s wife was Hermine (Hindel) Schotten. She was born 12 March 1870 in Mattersdorf. Her parents were Shmuel Aron Schotten and Kati (Gele) Österreicher.

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