Wieder Hensha Helen, nee Schoenbrun – 23 March 1919

Wieder Hensha Helen, nee Schoenbrun – 23 March 1919

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Hensha Helen Wieder, nee Schoenbrun, 22 Adar II 679 (= Sunday, 23 March 1919)

Location of the grave: Lansing Cemetery (in Slavic Village near Cleveland, Ohio).

Gravestone Hensha Helen Wieder, nee Schoenbrun, 22 Adar II 679 = 23 March 1919
Gravestone Hensha Helen Wieder, nee Schoenbrun, 22 Adar II 679 = 23 March 1919, Lansing Cemetery (near Cleveland, Ohio)

The gravestone inscription

Inschrift Hensha Helen Wieder: Zeilengerechte Transkription und Übersetzung
[1] H(ere is) b(uried) פ”נ
[2] the dear and modest woman, a v(irtous) w(oman), האשה היקרה והצנועה אשת חיל
[3] Mrs. Hensha, m(ay peace) b(e upon her), מרת הענטשא ע”ה
[4] daughter of the Rabbi, Mr. Menachem Ha-Kohen Schoenbrun, m(ay his) l(ight shine). בת הרב ר’ מנחם הכּהן שענבּרון נ’י
[5] She who was of tender age, stretched out her hand to the poor ones. הרכה בשנים כפה פרשה לעניים
[6] A crown to her husband an the glory of her sad children. עטרת בעלה ותפארת בניה האמללים
[7] She died on 22 Adar II with a good נפטרת כ’ב אדר שני בשם
[8] reputation at age 33 of the days of her life טוב בת ל’ג שנים לימי חייה.
[9] in the year 679 for the great sorrow of her husband, MORENU (= our teacher) שנת תרעט לדאבון בעלה מהו
[10] Eliezer Wieder, her children and her family. אליעזר ווידער ובניה ומשפחתה
[11] M(ay) h(er soul) b(e bound) i(n the bundle) o(f the living). ת’נ’צ’ב’ה’

Explanatory Notes

Line 2: Proverbs 12:4 אשת חיל, often translated as “woman of valor”.

Line 5: Genesis Rabba 90:3: רכה בשנים.

Proverbs 31:20: כפה פרשה לעני.

Line 6: Proverbs 12:4 עטרת בעלה.

See Proverbs 17:6 ותפארת בנים.

Line 10: lit.: “her sons”.

Biographical Notes

Hensha Helen Wieder, nee Schoenbrun 20 June 1886, died 22 Adar II 679 = Sunday 23 March after sundown!

Father: Menachem Mendel Schoenbrun, Rabbi at the Knesseth Israel Temple in Wooster (Ohio), born 29 July 1859, died 25 Shvat 703 = Sunday, 31 January 1943
Mother: Feige Newman, born 1859, died 29 Av 706 = Monday, 26 August 1946

Husband: Lous (Eliezer) Wieder, born 09 February 1884, died 05 October 1967

Sisters, Brothers and Children: see Hensha Helen Wieder

Über die Kategorie “Bagatellen”

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