Irma Loeffler

Irma Loeffler

Yohanan Loeffler, Melbourne, Australia, writes:

Irma LOFFLER, my grandmother, was born in Gross Waresdorf, Burgenland, then Austro-Hungary, as Irma LEDERER, in October 1885.

She passed away and was buried in Lackenbach, Burgenland. Austria.
Her date of death is unknown, probably about 1928-1930, possibly mid 1930, when my father was 8-10 years old.
Her grave could not be found in the Lackenbach Jewish Cemetery, where many headstones were destroyed.
The Lackenbach town office claims they do not keep the Jewish records.
The Wien Jewish Community, IKG, replied to me that they do not hold these records either.

Irma died from cancer, she was hospitalized and treated in a hospital in Wien and came home to Lackenbach to die.

Is there any chance to find any documentation of her hospitalization or any record of her death?

Thank you in advance

Yohanan Loeffler
Melbourne Australia

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