Schacherls Loeb and Pollak Fradl

Schacherls Loeb and Pollak Fradl

Elena Schacherl sent us the following inquiry:

I am looking for information about Loeb Schacherls (1700-1754) and Fradl Pollak from Eisenstadt.
I believe my great great grandfather Marcus Maier Schacherl born 1818 in Bratislava may be a descendant. His mother’s name was Rivka, last name unknown. Appreciate hearing from anyone who may be related to the Schacherls of Eisenstadt or know how to access the Eisenstadt records from that period. (The Mormon records only seem to be available for the years 1833-1895.)

You may contact me at: elenasc @
Appreciate any help that you may be able to provide.

Elena Schacherl, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  1. Kohlbauer-Fritz Gabriele

    In the collections of the Jewish Museum Vienna there is a textile (in the inventory of the old Jewish Museum described as a brith mila blanket). The blanket has a beautiful silk embroidery depicting the “Akedat Jitzchak” . The hebrew description says that the blanket was made by Gitele daughter of Hirsch Schacherls for the house of God in 1823/24. According to the inventory of the old Jewish Museum the blanket was donated to the Jewish Museum in 1931 by Jenny Kronfeld.
    In the registers of the Jewish Community Vienna there are no informations about Hirsch Schacherls nor Gitele Schacherls nor Jenny Kronfeld. I would very much like to find out more about the family “Schacherls”.

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