Neuberger Armin / Sari – 1911 / 1928

Neuberger Armin / Sari – 1911 / 1928

Personenrgister jüdischer Friedhof Fiume/Rijeka

Armin und Sari Neuberger, 1911 und 1928

Grabstein Armin Neuberger, 1911, und Sari Neuberger, geb. Kohn, 1928
Grabstein Armin Neuberger, 1911, und Sari Neuberger, geb. Kohn, 1928

Biografische Notizen

Armin / Ermanno Neuberger, geb. 1847, gest. 1911

Sterbeanzeigen zur Familie Neuberger (s.u. Kommentare)

Ehefrau: Sári Neuberger, geb. Kohn 1857, gest. 1928

Sàri Neuberger war die Präsidentin der Wohltätigkeitsorganisation der jüdischen Frauen in Fiume bis 1903.

Sohn: Giuseppe Neuberger, geb. 11. März 1887 in Budapest, verh. mit Rudolfa Hoff, Tochter des Adolfo Hoff und der Rosa Szamet, geb. 08. Juli 1894 in Nitra (SK)

Quelle: Ebrei a Fiume e Abbazia

Personenrgister jüdischer Friedhof Fiume/Rijeka

4 Kommentare

  1. Reuven Koffler


    My grandfather was Max Neuberger von Hliniki. I have heard in the past about Armin and Sari,
    but whenever I have tried to find any information about living grandchildren, I was told that none of them lives in Rijeka today, and that there is no information about the Neuberger von Hliniki family. I would be very happy to get information about any of them.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Reuven Koffler

        1. Tomas Stern

          The origin of your family lies in whats today is Slovakia. The Neuberger family used to come from the village Hlinik, near todays Bytča. From thsi comes their noble “predicat” de Hliniki.

          Do you have any records, pictured of your ancesters? I am working on a project about jeiwsh noble families from todays Slovakia and every help would be a help.
          Please replay directly to my mail (



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