Vogl Moritz / Vogl Mose – 29. Juli 1888

Vogl Moritz / Vogl Mose – 29. Juli 1888

Moritz Vogl / Mose Vogl, 21. Av 5648 (Sonntag, 29. Juli 1888)

  • Foto: Grabstein von Moritz Vogl / Mose Vogl, 21. Av 5648
  • Datenblatt Isidor Öhler: Grabinschrift Moritz Vogl / Mose Vogl, 21. Av 5648


Moritz Vogel findet sich nur in den ungarischen Matriken in Sopron, nicht aber in den Wiener Matriken.

Mose (Moritz) Vogel starb auch laut Grabinschrift betagt und wurde laut Matriken am Tag nach dem Sterbetag, am 30. Juli, begraben.

Als Akrostichon finden sich in der Inschrift von Zeile 6-8 sein Vorname “Mose” משה und in Zeile 9 und 10 der Zusatz “s(ein Andenken) m(öge bewahrt werden)” ז”ל.

Biografische Notizen

Sterbematriken: Moritz (Mose) Vogl, geb. in Komerom (Nordungarn), verheiratet, Handelsmann, gest. am 29. Juli 1888, mit 86 Jahren an Altersschwäche, in Mattersdorf

Personenregister jüdischer Friedhof Mattersburg

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  1. Carole G. Vogel

    This issue of the Matriken is actually quite important for Mattersdorf researchers. Some of us have been using the birth, marriage, and death records that were microfilmed by the Mormon Church Family History Library. The records were purportedly microfilmed in the Hungarian National Archives in Budapest but some appear to be identical to the records held in the Sopron archive. The IKG in Vienna has only a very limited range of Mattersdorf records, and they are quite incomplete but they do fill in some holes in the microfilmed records. We are hoping that you have stumbled across a treasure trove of metrical records hidden away in boxes in the museum attic or basement.

    1. I read the comment of Carole and decided to wait with my answer ;)

      Fact is, that we in German do not make a difference in pronouncing the names VOGEL and VOGL! Both we speak out as “VOGL” (not only in colloquial language!). And this is the reason, that the name is written sometimes as VOGEL and sometimes as VOGL.

      So, I think, it’s the best to see how the name is WRITTEN in the Matriken and this we’ll know in a few days!
      And then I’ll correct it potentially ;)

        1. Matriken (Pl) is the register (= records of personal status) of birth, marriage and death.The Matriken from 1850 – 1885 are in Vienna and in Hungarian Language and some of (certified) copies of the Matriken from 1830 – 1895 we find in Sopron, Hungary (Hungarian and German mixed). But some years are lost :( From that time on the Matriken are in Mattersburg.
          We’ll soon write a blogpost dealing with this subject!

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