Kornicer Armin – 1905

Kornicer Armin – 1905

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  1. Reuven Koffler

    Dear Johannes,
    We were in touch (1/2/18) about my family graves NEUBERGER in Rijeka.
    Now I found out that there is another very important grave of a member of my family.
    KORNICER ARMIN-1905. You wrote your comment on 16/ 7/ 18. The Neubergers belong to
    my grandfather’s side of the family. The Kornicers belong to my grandmother’s family. It is so important to me, because I have no information about them and every bit of information
    could be very dear to me. You wrote that the information is based on the ARCHIV JUDISCHER FRIEDHOF. Is there such an archive?! Maybe I can find there so important information about my family. Please, be so kind and tell me all the information you have about this archive!
    Please write to my private email address: re_koffler@hotmail.com
    Many thanks in advance for your kind help and important help. I appreciate it very much!
    Best wishes,
    Reuven Koffler

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